Five Natural Home Remedies for Asthma

Home remedy for asthma. In case you suffer from asthma you can treat them by natural substance you can mostly find in your kitchen.

Home remedy for asthma. Do you suffer from asthma? Having asthma is something that must worry you a lot. Basically, asthma is a lung disease that makes difficulty in breathing. Asthma happens when the flow of air in the lungs is obstructed. Asthma can be caused by the surrounding such as allergies, air pollution, or the infections in respiratory system. The symptoms emerged are coughing, wheezing, short breath and tight chest. In case you suffer from asthma you can treat the asthma by natural substance you can mostly find in your kitchen. What are they? Let us find out home remedy for asthma below.


home remedy for asthma

Ginger – home remedy for asthma

One of the most popular natural remedies for asthma is ginger. It is said that it can treat various ailments since it can reduce inflammation. If you plan to make use ginger to treat asthma, mix it up with pomegranate juice and honey for the best result. You can also mix it with a half glasses of water. Take one tablespoon two or three times a day. If you have limited time, you can simply cut it into small pieces and add boiling water. Cool it down for few minutes and you can directly drink it. To consume the ginger directly is also fine. Mix the raw ginger with the salt.


garlicGarlic can be considered an asthma remedy since it help you to clear congestion in the lungs. Garlic is also effective to give you a quick relief when the asthma attacks. To use the garlic as home remedy for asthma, all you need to do is boil 10 to 15 cloves in one-half glass of milk. In case you love drinking tea, you can make garlic tea. Add 3 to 4 cloves to the boiling water and wait for a sec until it is cool enough.


coffeeCoffee can be used as a home remedy for asthma. Caffeine contained in coffee turns out to be helpful for asthma since it acts as a bronchodilator. Drinking hot coffee is recommended as it is able to give you relaxed and clear airways to make you breathe more easily. For a better result, you might try stronger coffee. However, everything has its limit. Do not consume more than three black coffee in a day. Although caffeine is effective enough to treat your asthma, do not make it regular treatment.


figsAnother alternative is fig. It is healthy for your respiratory system and helpful for draining phlegm. Before consuming the figs, wash them first. Then soak them in the water for a night. Then you only need to eat the soaked figs along with drinking the fig water. You are supposed to consume them prior to any eating, Therefore, you can do it in the morning. It is easy and simple right?

Mustard Oil

mustard oil

The last home remedy for asthma in our review is mustard oil. You only need to rub your chest and upper back with this substance. Heat the mustard oil and camphor. Rub it when it is already cool.

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